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NOTE: this theme is quite old and not recommended to use.

This theme is designed for showing off images using a javascript slide show and image gallery while using the great content presentation from the iNove theme.

Images are processed manually and requires some technical knowledge to configure this theme.

This wordpress theme is a mashup of:

  • iNove wordpress theme
  • GalleryView image slider (above)
  • Pirobox – popup image gallery (click on one of the images to your right)
  • Supersized minimised and used to resize the background image

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  • This theme is a mashup of various components licensed open source or creative commons. No additional licensing has been added. Sharing is good.


  • This code comes as is and we do not offer any warranties or liabilities of any kind. Use at your own risk.

Support and customisations

  • We do not offer free support. If you leave a comment we may respond maybe.
  • Contact us for a quote or to discuss how we can customise this theme for your needs, design your WordPress website from scratch, upgrade or redesign your WordPress site or migrate your existing website design to WordPress.
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Getting started?

Update the slideshow images

  • Upload images to: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/img/gallery/
  • Edit this document: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/templates/galleryview.php
  • You can add more than the 3 images used in this example.

Update the logo

  • Upload new (transparent) logo.png to: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/img/logo.png
  • Download the PSD logo template: logo.psd
  • Logo font can be found here: Dear Joe 5 Casual

Increase Performance

  • The images are the biggest performance hit. For faster speeds, use less images and optimise them
  • This theme uses lots of javascript, so to speed up the downloads we can use the WP JS WordPress plugin
  • Upload and activate WP JS
  • Rename this document: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/header.php
    to “header-original.php”
  • Rename this document: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/header-js.php
    to “header.php”

Remove the home page link from the navigation

Drupal will duplicate the home page link. To remove the text based one and leave the graphic home button:

  • edit the first style in the style sheet: /wp-content/themes/inove-u/style.css

Activate right hand column button

  • set up a text widget and add:
    <h2><a href="#">Your text here</a></h2>

Activate right hand image gallery

  • set up a text widget and add:
<div class="pirobox_in">
<ul class="thumbs_all">

<li><a href="/your-image1.jpg" >
<img src="/your-image-thumb1.jpg" width="270" height="181" alt=""Â  />

<li><a href="/your-image2.jpg" >
<img src="/your-image-thumb2.jpg" width="270" height="181" alt="" />

<li><a href="/your-image3.jpg" >
<img src="/your-image-thumb3.jpg" width="270" height="181" alt="" />

  • this code can also be used in the body of your website

Change the site license in the footer

  • Edit the file: footer.php (line 27)

Slideshow arrows gone missing?

  • if you have the site at a sub-directory you will need to update the directory path in this script: js/jquery-galleryview-1.1/js/jquery-galleryview-1.1.js (line 179, 187, 196, 204, 332, 355, 361 [or search “inove” to find all references to update])