Client: Dvize

Project: Bindarri website (2009-2013)

Partners: The Bindarri project is contributed to by various volunteers.

Challenge: To build and strengthen the community of creatives Australian creatives who are working for positive change and to inspire others who are yet to begin.

Solution: Bindarri is a website that includes a regular blog, links directory, events and features on inspirational Australian creatives.

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  • Concept development and strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Project management
  • Group collaboration management
  • Information design
  • Interface design
  • Identity and branding (partner: rockvscissors)
  • Graphic design (partner: Lana)
  • Template implementation
  • Installation and configuration of the CMS software (WordPress)
  • Installation and configuration of the CMS software (WSN Links)
  • Website management
  • Content editing and management
  • Content Production (not all) – features and blog
  • Search engine strategy and optimisation
  • Social media graphic design (flickr, facebook, linkedin)
  • Social media integration (flickr, facebook, linkedin)
  • Social media management (flickr, facebook, linkedin)
  • Design and production of promotional materials

Bindarri Bindarri Bindarri