we help create positive change in the world

As a values based organisation, we’ve contributed time and money to projects and campaigns that help people who do good, do it better for over 16 years. 

A social enterprise since 2000.

We have proudly supported many organisations to create, organize and grow community and awareness campaigns.

When we are off the clock, Glenn’s community work is his passion, and has seen him support numerous groups and events.

doing good – the right way

We are seasoned campaigners and can integrate a range of online tactics into your campaign strategy.

In addition to our main services which are integrated into our campaigning, we also provide campaign strategy and training tailored for community organising.

Our experience has been hard fought for working on the anti-coal face, on the streets and amongst the grass roots.

Please see our folio of positive change clients and our list of our Pro Bono projects for examples of our work.

sustainable design

Sustainable design, green design and eco design are terms synonymous with using creativity to reduce impacts or solve social and environmental problems.

Although our main focus is the internet, we have many years experience in the real world actually working in print shops, fabricating signage and building scupture.

This unique background, combined with our understanding of environmental and social issues allows us to help you to genuinely green your projects.

Our sustainable design services include:

  • Developing marketing strategy around your sustainability strengths
  • Designing communications that minimse lifecycle impacts, can be upcycled, reused or recycled
  • Designing alternative communication strategies that removes impacts altogether or actually contributes positively
  • Auditing communications to avoid ‘greenwash’, and to ensure the promotion of only meaningful products and services
  • Sourcing sustainable suppliers and products such as printers and paper

lets chat

Whether you need some help, a new website or just have a burning question, we’re here to listen and offer advice.

We work with big brands as well as the little guys. Contact us.