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We now have technologies as revolutionary as the printing press and we need to use these to free knowledge, information and ideas. The power can be found in this new renaissance to transform our society to become socially and environmentally sustainable.

Creating this new renaissance is as easy as sharing our ideas…

Before the invention of the printing press, the Christian church owned the limited copies of the bible and therefore controlled the knowledge of their God. Their interpretation of God’s knowledge gave them political and financial power over society.

Using the printing press to print bibles was deemed blasphemous, as the distribution of knowledge would dissipate the church’s control of information. The full force of the law was directed at stopping bibles being printed.

As well as in the christian world, the printing press was an important step towards the democratization of knowledge and was a factor in the innovation within other genres such as literature, philosophy, art, politics, and science, during the Renaissance period.

Currently powerful institutions such as corporations and governments are controlling knowledge through patents and copyright.

According to one patent document, sequences of the code of my DNA are owned by a company in America and any medical researchers have to pay royalties to this company to use the sequences.

Legislation such as the Millennium copyright act and the proposed Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Agreement is increasing the power of international law to enforce the ownership and restriction of knowledge.

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