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Glenn Todd  brings over 16 years’ commercial experience in producing websites and many years experience training all sorts of people.

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Do you want to make the best of your website?

Personal One-on-One training can teach you the practical skills, hints and pro tricks required to take control of your own website and how to tailor your bespoke content into exactly the site you want, without having to rely on anyone else or their time.

Take control of your blog?

We can show you how to take control of the presentation and technology of your blog and get rid of expensive web designers and on going, time-consuming maintenance.

Or build successful websites for a living?

Learn the practical skills to confidently create awesome websites that produce results for your paying clients.

Planning a new website?

Let us show you around all the basic framework and essential scaffolding and give you the knowledge to assertively direct industry professionals in building your site, allowing you to achieve much more with less money.

Beginners’ welcome!

We’re experienced in working with beginners and we will translate all the techno speak into plain English so you can understand us!

Personal One-on-One training

Glenn specialises in producing upmarket websites for small business, tourism businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

In addition to technical skills, Glenn focuses on strategy to ensure your website actually works to achieve your goals. This allows you to save money in the development and running of your site as well as the most important point… that your website works for you.

Your One-on-One training usually runs with a question and answer format, however Glenn can tailor a program specific to your needs.

Some of the things you may want to cover:



Where do we do the training?

Glenn is located in the Northern Rivers near Byron Bay. He can travel through the region and come to Lismore, Mullumbimby, Ballina etc. Glenn regularly travels to Melbourne and Brisbane so you may be able to catch him in your city.

What do you need to bring?

Ideally we work from your own laptop or computer. This will allow you to learn in your environment and to transfer your knowledge easier. If you are unable to bring a computer, we can train from Glenn’s computer.

If you learn by writing notes, bring a notepad and pen. Recording devices are cool too.

Can you do the stuff that is too hard for me?

Certainly, we offer a complete website building service. You may want to learn some skills and pay to develop the harder stuff. We can help.

I am new to this and find techno jargon confusing

Thats ok, we’re experienced working with beginners and we will translate all the techno speak into plain English so you can understand us!

Do you offer charity/community discounts?

Our main focus is to provide free training to community and activist groups via Our commercial services are the sole funder of ActionSkills so we cannot provide discounts. If you would like free services, please get involved and help us organise community training by joining ActionSkills here.

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