Client: Totem One Love

Project: Stereosonic website (2013)

No longer live

Partner: (Creative direction and graphic design)


  • Project management
  • Technical creative direction
  • Technical consultation
  • Information design
  • WordPress configuration
  • Template production
  • Performance consultation
  • Content editing and management


Project Brief:

Reposition Stereosonic from the leading music event in Australia, to being one of the biggest music events in the whole world.

To do this we needed to create rich user experience that focuses on showcasing the awesome artist line up, as well as building plenty of excitement in the lead up to the event with featuring news, city information and promotional materials with punch-to-the-face impact.

As a location based event aimed at a street savvy, early adopting audience, the site needed to deliver a slick, optimised and fully featured mobile experience, while integrating then leveraging the social media communities our audience loves.

Fashion and the WOW factor are major components of the Stereosonic festival and the site needed to embody this spirit and push the aesthetics to the next level.

The site also had to deliver an inspirational desktop experience.



The site delivers a peak and fully featured experience on all devices and screen sizes, while leveraging the benefits of the different environments.

The site wasn’t just designed for desktop then scaled down or designed for mobile and scaled up – which is what a lot of site makers do. The site was designed holistically and tailored to deliver an optimised experience across various environments.

In addition to the technical application, the site also delivers an aesthetic punch and a big WOW factor using the technology for all its worth.

The user experience was the first stage of the design process. This is important because the whole point of the site is to serve the Stereosonic community of users. The client and agency worked closely on defining the users needs, objectives, journey and fulfilment. This was done with a mix of statistical data, user research and an old fashioned walk-through by the client.

We produced an extensive set of screen mockups to allow the whole team to visualise and refine the user experience. No work was done on other areas of design until the user experience was optimised and polished up as much as possible.

The mobile and desktop experience heavily uses Javascripts and CSS to deliver a light, crisp and aesthetically attractive interface.

The site’s templates were written and audited to be as light-weight as possible to decrease load times for mobile users, while a substantial amount of server-side optimisation was also commissioned.


Australian Mobile Awards Winner


The Best of the Best, Best in Category: Entertainment


Stereosonic Stereosonic