Vote nuclear free political campaign website

Update: This project was migrated to WordPress for the 2010 election.

Client: Friends of the Earth Australia

Project: Website to educate voters on the nuclear policies of the four leading political parties. (2007)

Challenge: At a time of political advertising overload, the site needed to communicate quickly and clearly, be fun and uplifting and inspire people to distribute the message.

Solution: We summerised the policies in a simple table form using a positive or negative rating which could be also used in print format. This information was transformed into an flash interactive that communicated the polices in a pictorial form based on the tabular data. The aim was to get the summary of the information across in 30 seconds and a short video summary was used to further explain the different points that was used to rate the policies.

In addition to the Policy Summary, we compiled (and commissioned) “the best of” media, photography, video and music dealing with Australian nuclear issues and impacts. We also utilised myspace as a promotional media which quickly gained many celebrity friends.

Results: The party with the worst nuclear policies lost the election.

View the website: no longer live


  • Concept development and strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Project management
  • Group collaboration management
  • Information design
  • Interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration (Partner: Rock v Scissors)
  • Template implementation
  • Installation and configuration of the CMS software (Drupal)
  • Website management
  • Content editing and management (Partner: Adam Dempsey)
  • Social media graphic design (myspace)
  • Social media integration (myspace)
  • Social media management (myspace)
  • Flash animation and interaction (Partner: This Is Not London)

Vote nuclear free political campaign website Vote nuclear free political campaign website Vote nuclear free political campaign website Vote nuclear free political campaign website