Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Client: Medical Association for the Prevention of War (2007)

Project: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Website

Challenge: To create the strategy, website, video and marketing materials to launch the international ICAN campaign. The movement was depressed with people claiming the issue was “too big” and “too hard”. Our aim was to breath new enthusiasm and life into the campaign and to engage a wider audience including younger people.

Solution: We moved away from the “doomsday” messaging that has dogged the nuclear weapons campaigns in the past. We framed the campaign in a positive light and focused on the human side of te issue, the success stories and backed these up with resources empowering people to take personal action or to spread the campaign.

The sky theme, combined with the sunflower (a recognised anti nuclear symbol) was chosen to allow us to frame the campaign with a positive theme. We then had a positive and fresh colour palate and could soften our graphics, removing harsh lines and sharp corners. We then polished our theme by creating the artwork in a stylish (urban) vector style and removing the corners on our images and photography.

We cannot remove all negativity from such a horrific subject matter (and we would not want to). In the areas where we were discussing these themes, we used a dark grey sunflower (see screenshot 3). The negative themes were always framed by the positive colours and branding of the campaign, showing a positive way forward through the negative themes.

Results: The campaign expanded at a rapid rate, meaning it outgrew the original design and framework, so our website is no longer live. The campaign has been endorsed by: The Dalai Lama, Malcolm Fraser, Herbie Hancock and various Nobel Peace Prize winners.

You can see how big the campaign has grown at:

Website screenshots: Pictured to the right: one | two | three

Promotional film: see the short film to launch ICAN


  • Concept development and strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Project management
  • Group collaboration management
  • Usability design
  • Information design
  • Interface design
  • Identity and branding (logo supplied)
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration (Partner: Rockvscissors)
  • Flash animation and interaction (Partner: Rockvscissors)
  • Template implementation
  • Installation and configuration of the CMS software (Drupal)
  • Content editing and management
  • Search engine strategy and optimisation
  • MySpace graphic design and integration
  • Initial management of MySpace campaign
  • Design and production of promotional materials

Testimonial: Dimity Hawkins

Campaign Director and Executive Officer - ICAN Australia

Glenn Todd was pivotal to the launching and branding of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) in the lead up to launching the campaign from Australia in 2007. He provided essential training in Drupal for our staff, helped coordinate and design our initial website and has provided us with further training and advice over the past four years. He is approachable, professional and very adept at sharing skills and knowledge. We appreciate Glenns work immensely. More Testimonals

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