With the best WordPress Training Melbourne has to offer, Glenn will take you from novice to awesome at WordPress. Learn from the expert who are producing sites for the Australian Ballet, Stereosonic, many small businesses and not-for-profits.

Glenn is dedicated to teaching you the basic tools to wrangle control of your WordPress site – no matter what skill level you’re starting from.

This accelerator course has been refined over many years to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. As well as teaching you the basics of WordPress, I will also teach you strategy to ensure your website actually works to achieve the results you are looking for. No other WordPress course focuses on your project’s success.

Lessons have a maximum 12 people per class so you will get the attention required for the best learning experience.


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18th, 19th and 20th of April 2016


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Why should you be using WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used website building tool in the world today. It’s completely free (yes free), and allows you to build powerful, good looking, cost effective websites with the opportunity for high profit margins.

WordPress can make you look savvy, serious, desperately attractive and cool. There are over 24,000 extra “Plug-in” options and useful components allowing you to do a whole bunch of exciting stuff.

WordPress comes with a massive global community, all dedicated to supporting you with your sites and continuing to evolve WordPress for the greater good. Google also has a huge crush on WordPress, so it always ranks their sites highly in its searches.


Who uses WordPress?

You may have heard of Usain Bolt, The Rolling Stones, NASA, New York Times, Forbes, ProBlogger, Sigur Rós, Wall Street Journal, Beastie Boys, Mozilla, TechCrunch, Reuters, Blondie, Justin Timberlake, Time magazine, Tom Jones, MTV, LA Times, Ford, Adobe, GE, Xerox, CNN, GM, VW, Sony, Ebay, Yahoo, Samsung, Playstation, Katy Perry…yep. Even Sylvester Stallone uses WordPress.


Do you want to make the best of your website?

This dedicated WordPress training course teaches you the practical skills, hints and pro tricks required to take control of your own website and how to tailor your bespoke content into exactly the site you want, without having to rely on anyone else or their time.


Take control of your blog?

We will show you how to take control of the presentation and technology of your blog and get rid of expensive web designers and on going, time-consuming maintenance.


Or build successful websites for a living?

Learn the practical skills to confidently create awesome websites that produce results for your paying clients.


Planning a new website?

Let us show you around all the basic framework and essential scaffolding and give you the knowledge to assertively direct industry professionals in building your site, allowing you to achieve much more with less money.


Beginners’ welcome!

We’re experienced in working with beginners and we will translate all the techno speak into plain English so you can understand us!




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More Details


To be confirmed. Inner city Melbourne.


Morning and Afternoon Tea/Coffee

Coffee and refreshments will be provided and included in the cost.



Lunch will not be provided.


Contact the organiser

On our contact page



We will start at 9:00 sharp and work until 4:00. We will have some breaks along the way including lunch. If you require setup time, or would like to check your email or Facebook before starting we will be there from 8:30.



Previous WordPress or website building experience is not necessary. You will be expected to be reasonably fluent in using your laptop for general tasks including installing software and connecting your WIFI.



All you need is your laptop. (Ipads and tablets have limited capability. Please discuss this if you plan to use one.)


Power and WIFI

We have that covered.


WordPress Training Melbourne

The best WordPress Training Melbourne has to offer, proudly delivered by local Melbournians.


Fine Print

We will not train people or organisations that make their money by doing bad things.