knowledge is power

Dvize can teach you everything you need to know about websites and making them produce results.

wordpress courses

With the best WordPress Training Melbourne has to offer, we will take you from novice to awesome at WordPress.

Our professionals are dedicated to teaching you the basic tools to wrangle control of your WordPress site – no matter what skill level you’re starting from.

View more information on our WordPress training page.

client training

Don’t pay an ‘expert’ to make tiny little tweaks to your website, do it yourself.

When we create your website, we also train the relevant people within your team how to make changes ensuring that your content remains fresh, dynamic and relevant.

Knowing how to do it yourself not only makes you smarter but is also a faster and cheaper way of doing things.

tailored training services

Dvize supplies training in many formats including “one on one” coaching, conference presentations, live demonstrations, skill-shares, work-shops and structured courses.

Training is tailored for the participants and their needs, allowing Dvize to teach the specific skills and information that is needed and at the technical level that is appropriate.

personal one-on-one digital training

Personal One-on-One website training can teach you the practical skills, hints and pro tricks required to take control of your own website and how to tailor your bespoke content into exactly the site you want, without having to rely on anyone else or their time.

One-on-One training usually runs with a question and answer format, however we can tailor a program specific to your needs.

community and activist training

We have started up a whole organisation to share digital skills called ActionSkills

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