Zero Carbon Australia Report

Zero Carbon Australia – Stationary Energy Report

Client: Beyond Zero Emissions  2010

Contributors: Please see the inside cover of the report for the full list of contributors and credits.

Outline: We worked with BZE team to plan and scope the design and graphic production of the report. We then worked together to form a team of six professional volunteer graphic designers. We held workshops where we produced the report as well as trained the BZE engineers and other team members on graphic production. This increased our efficiency and empowered the organisation into the future to produce and update reports in the professional design formats.

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Download: Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan
PDF | 194 Pages |A4 | 8.4MB

Download: Synopsis of the plan
PDF | 17 Pages |A4 | 2.2MB

View: Executive Summary

View: Beyond Zero Emissions Website

Testimonial: Matthew Wright

Executive Director at Beyond Zero Emissions

Glenn took our organisation from a well intentioned, work-outcome driven group to an organisation with a proffessional and leading presence that is felt and that cuts through in advancing the prospects for renewable energy generation and decarbonisation of the transport sector.

Glenn has worked on various apects of our communications stratgey. He assisted us with our branding policy, allowing our organisation to focus our messaging in a clear and professional way. Basically Glenn had the answers. He was analytical and could understand exactly what we were trying to achieve, and then he put his expertise to make us achieve easier and faster.

As well as on the Strategic level, Glenn has also supplied production services, such as producing our most important project to date, our 100% Renewable Energy plan. Glenn has influenced our work with a corporate branding style that fits in with all sectors and creates the space for the major policy shift and infrastructure spending we are looking for.

Glenn is an expert in his field. Working with Glenn has been an outright pleasure and we will always seek to hire Glenn again as our first port of call. More Testimonals

Zero Carbon Australia Report Zero Carbon Australia Report